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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ticking My Favorite Material ...

One of my favorite materials is ticking, tough as old boots, but still easy to sew. I love it so much that I have made cushion covers from it for the comfy cane lounge chairs for the pouch The local upholster will be making the fitted bottom cushions, a little bit tricky to get them sitting tight. I tried before and mucked it up good, now it's just easier getting someone else to do them.

The top covers was easy, just had to unpick the old ones, pin and cut to size, make ties, placing them in the right spots, zip around on the sewing machine leaving space for the zip, pin and sew zipper in turn inside out. What I have done is make another inner cushion with the stuffing in it and sewed it closed. Placing it inside the ticking cover. With a uphostery needle sew buttons on spacing them to look pretty and stop the cushion from "exploding". Using string you could also thread it through and tie knots. For washing purposes it is heaps easier having the cover removable and just reknotting or buttoning it again.

Another quick machine quilt project in red ticking, to fit in a side table/serving trolley without wheels, George made it for me, a special request kind of thing you know. It's great for displaying stuff.

You can buy ticking in a few different colours, I like the green striped one the best. Used with a matching bais binding to finish the sewing project off. A real classic look still use in decorating. This material reminds me of my boarding school days our mattresses had ticking covers, even then I loved them, stacked on steel framed beds waiting for you to put your own bedding on. A reminder of happy boarding school days.


  1. I like the blue ticking the best.....I think:0)

  2. You are always so talented! I love your details, since I love to sew. I hope you've been doing well!!


  3. Very nice. I wish I could sew that well!