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Monday, November 14, 2011

Making a dent in the UFO's ...

Who loves doing sewing repairs, much easier to start a new project, but when you do someone's washing and the tote bag falls apart and all you can savage is the lining. And here I am thinking yes I could just go buy a new bag to replace that one. No maybe I just sew one up, sure going to last longer than the bought one. So I unpicked the lining and cut the pattern from that, it's was a real nice bag too.

I am already thinking I make one for myself from that pattern too. Out comes the offcut of a black curtain with thermal white rubbery stuff. (still got enough material to cut another bag)sewed the lining back up, sewed the outside up too, placed the lining inside the bag, pinned them together and zig zaged the two together.Found matching material and cut a narrow strip long enough to wrap around the top,pinned the strip and bag rightside together, fold the strip back on it self about 3cms, pin all the way around, overlapping the last bit. Stitch down the strip.
Fold the strip over the top and pin it & sew.

Cut 2 x 12 cm wide x 50cm long strips, fold rightsides together and sew one end and along the pinned side. Turn it inside out, tuck the other side in and sew closed. Position handles to suit and sew them on. I crochet a flower and sewed a large safety pin to the back of the flower, it matches the lining.

Anyone needing the pattern just drop me a line with you addy to and it's in the post for you asap
Well I am please with it and sure hope the daughter inlaw will be too.

see ya


  1. What a great job. You are right; much easier starting from scratch than trying to mend.

  2. I love making my own tote bags. You did a good job!