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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween ...

A family of pumpkins waiting to dry 24 hrs and then painted orange

There's Halloween decorations everywhere you look ATM, at most discount store it's just the same old stuff. Why can't we make our own I thought or at least some of them.This is what we started on Clay pumpkins which we will be painting orange. Oh I wish we could get a few real pumpkins to carve only they so expensive here.

Here these 3 kids hav just finished rolling and shaping the clay, it's got to air dry before we can paint then. There's a few more projects to finish off, so we'll be back.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holiday fun

Well the sander I was using for the restoration project burned out, so it was time for a new one. The last one was a fairly good brand and lasted for 12 years. Today George bought me a new one, not as good as the last and but it will do the job. The size sanding paper has also changed, this one is a little narrower. Now I can get on with the job again.

While I was at the hardware store, I bought some wood glue and two pine wooden picture frames, just a small project for them to work on tomorrow, then we can slap a coat of paint over them, add one of their holiday pics, and it' ready to take back on the plane with them. We always try do some sort of craft project when they here.I am thinking some of that drift wood,beads and shells, that still need to be used up.

We will return shortly and show you our projects
See ya
Rina and the boys

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Restoration Job ...

A restoration job long over due, last time I worked on this piece was probably 6 years ago. A very long time to have it first standing in the garage and then under the carport. Today I thought it being such a nice day, sun's shining and I am in a very crafty mood, let's give it another go. It's the finer bits of paint stuck in all the grooves, sides and shelves.

There are suppose to be two doors and a shelf in the top section, and with fly screen
sides. Like the old meat safes. remember them?

The doors all need some magic yellow glue and new hinges and screws. I am thinking new coloured glass knobs as well maybe just clear white knobs will show off better against the periwinkle blue milk paint.

What 's the story behind this old beauty, Okay not all of you might think she beautiful ATM but wait till I do my magic on her. I used to work in a service station long time ago. Just about every Monday afternoons I spent at an auction house bidding against the dealers and wheeler of the antique trade. It used to be a standing joke with the auctioneer Gavin "Is that going on a bowser" I would just give him a nice grin. Then one day I saw this old yellow Kauri dresser, mentioned to George that would do up real nice, hope it's not to expensive. Meaning nothing over $150. For some reason I could not go to the Auction but George did. And he came home with it, I nearly passed out when I heard what the final bid for it was. $450 Needless to say I was stunned!!! Had the man lost all his marbles in that condition? There is no way in hell that I could ever recover the cost of it and make a profit. So now it's time to work on her again, she's going shabby chic. And then to the farm.

still a work in progress

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Visit to Costco ...

Check out this gorgeous plant stand, just right for the the back deck! Only it came in a black finish. Not to worry nothing a can of spray paint can't fix so I got some Rust Guard Epoxy Paint in a flat white and sprayed it One can was not quite enough, someone's off to Bunnings again.

Ta Da looking heaps better. Next time you see it it will be at the farm with the last coat of paint on it lol

See ya

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pink table setting ...

Pink Coasters, oh so pretty, I am very pleased with all ten of them. Only need to tuck away the threads and it's all done

Now for the centre table runner and napkin rings. Depending on how much yarn it's going to take I might make place mats but would rather have a runner for hot dishes. And then crochet some serviette rings with flowers on like the ones below.
Better not tell Dear Husband what I paid for that yarn. Not even sure I bought enough yarn to finish the project.

I bought 3 white dinner services with only 4 of each in a box. They're just for daily use so not very expensive. What I like about them is the plates are square, for me that is very modern.

Lincraft is not my favorite shop but they do have nice knitting yarn at a reasonable price, today they had 30% off, my lucky day. I tend to stay away from the smaller hobby craft/wool shops, which normally only carry expensive wool. They do however have a huge variety of beautiful quilting material.

I did manage to buy a few balls of 8 ply pink, soft green and lilac yarn for a crochet baby cot blanket for the old antique iron cot, already at the farm. Next time we are up there, I will set the cot up and take a pic of it to share. Need to get sizes for the blanket in any case. No babies expected ATM, maybe oneday I would get a lovely grandbaby again.

Thanks for popping in

Monday, September 5, 2011

a spring of pearls, some beads, lace and sea sand and driftwood....

It sad to think that I needed to go buy a few bits of junk jewelery from the opshop/GW just to be able to work on the next project. Tanya had thrown out her junk, she's good at getting rid of stuff as where I am not, a big hoarder, I will find a use for it sometime somewhere. I don't have any except the gold I wear daily. Last year my friend Pina and myself went to Tasmania for a week, we had a great time, came back with a big bag full of chocolate from the Cadbury's factory and a few other things, including driftwood and shells. Finally I have decided to make something with all that stuff.

Drilled holes through the shells and driftwood, broke up the bits of jewelry and beads, fake pearls. What goes nicer together than a spring of pearls, lace and sea sand and driftwood. Maybe use an old picture frame and some old photo's. Let's see what I can come up with.

Here's the first project, something to hang on a wall for a beachy theme, I am happy with the outcome, not to over the top. Would have to do with this pic atm taken inside cause it's such an over cast day here in Sydney.