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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Machine Cover ....

Thought I just show you my sewing machine cover that I had machine quilted a very long time ago. Confession time Rina never ever finished it and had been using it just like that, well it did do the job oopps. Even worse this cover was never made for this machine (Jenome) but for a Singer, which turned out to be the biggest lemon, maybe that's why it never got finished. Good excuse Lol

Well this is one of "the unfinished bussiness" I needed to take care of and now I can present you with the cover. I did not remake the whole cover but simply removed a few things like ribbons and frills that had seen better days, if I had red piping I would have taken the whole thing apart and replaced the pale yellow but I had none, a little wasteful cause there was nothing wrong with it. Added a little strip of colour to the pocket and new lace, added a colourful bow and a new border at the bottom. TaDa and she's all ready to go again

The pocket is handy to place your pedal and codes in.

Having a spot open for the handle, makes carrying the machine to sewing classes so easy. Well I be back soon got a few more items I am working on that I would love to share with you
See ya


  1. This is really cute. The pocket is so handy and it makes it so easy to transport to a quilting bee, school, a friends, another room, the closet!! Mine has been stored for too long. Maybe a cover would bring it out more...Thanks for the pics! ~Kari

  2. I used to sew lots when my kiddies were small. I guess I tired myself out..You did a great job on the cover. Good on you. I love that button which says, "I love my computer because its got my friends in it." So True. We find more like minded people on here than next door.

  3. What a great cover. I'm still using the original plastic ones that came with my machines years ago and they are all mouldy and filthy. I'd love your pattern if you made it from scratch.

    Have come to you from A Clothesline out the Back and have added to your followers. Love your UFO's - sounds like my cupboard of UFO's!

  4. Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever!!! I'm quite smitten with your machine cover.

    Cute! Cute!! Cute!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)