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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aprons making ...

Well I just want to share one of my silly passions with you all, it a bit old fashioned but it comes all the way down from my Grandmother days. She wore an apron just about everyday of her life. One of the first thing she'd put on in the morning, then do her work for the day. A clean apron everyday so she must have had quite a few of them.

Lately I been thinking I might want to make a few and stop getting my cloths all mucked up with a oil stain here and there. sometimes not even grabbing a hand full of flour soaks it up and then you left with a stain, not a nice look! I bought and sewed up these two pannels years go and have them hanging as part of the decor depending what season it is. But it's this one I finished off last night, that I really wanted to share with you. It still needs some embellishment to the bottom, just going to sit and look at it for a while first, it will come to me. Any ideas would be very welcome. Where is that going to go ... well the outdoor kitchen when ever that gets built, that's where all the old wares are going to be displayed on shelves oneday.

Drop me a line if you'd like the pattern ...
It's raining cats and dogs in Sydney today expecting more rain this week too, nice weather for sewing. Have a great week everyone.
well thats it for today


  1. I love your aprons and yes I have a few too:0)

  2. I like the apron is a good idea to wear one while cooking my grandmother worn one to. Trish

  3. Love the aprons. I remember my grandmother wearing them also. My Mother also in the early years.

  4. Your apron designs are perfect and I love that they come from your Grandmother. Isn't it the truth: an oil stain or another down the front of a perfectly clean shirt! You are so much fun. Thanks for the reminder to visit you here too! ~Kari

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  6. I like the idea of some embellishment at the bottom, maybe the same material as the heart.