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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Restoration Job ...

A restoration job long over due, last time I worked on this piece was probably 6 years ago. A very long time to have it first standing in the garage and then under the carport. Today I thought it being such a nice day, sun's shining and I am in a very crafty mood, let's give it another go. It's the finer bits of paint stuck in all the grooves, sides and shelves.

There are suppose to be two doors and a shelf in the top section, and with fly screen
sides. Like the old meat safes. remember them?

The doors all need some magic yellow glue and new hinges and screws. I am thinking new coloured glass knobs as well maybe just clear white knobs will show off better against the periwinkle blue milk paint.

What 's the story behind this old beauty, Okay not all of you might think she beautiful ATM but wait till I do my magic on her. I used to work in a service station long time ago. Just about every Monday afternoons I spent at an auction house bidding against the dealers and wheeler of the antique trade. It used to be a standing joke with the auctioneer Gavin "Is that going on a bowser" I would just give him a nice grin. Then one day I saw this old yellow Kauri dresser, mentioned to George that would do up real nice, hope it's not to expensive. Meaning nothing over $150. For some reason I could not go to the Auction but George did. And he came home with it, I nearly passed out when I heard what the final bid for it was. $450 Needless to say I was stunned!!! Had the man lost all his marbles in that condition? There is no way in hell that I could ever recover the cost of it and make a profit. So now it's time to work on her again, she's going shabby chic. And then to the farm.

still a work in progress


  1. What an awesome piece of furniture with a fun story to go with it! This is very exciting...let us know how it goes as you work on it. I love restoration projects!!

  2. I found you here too! This is such a beautiful piece of furniture, it will need a plaque with a title like, "George's Treasure Chest" ! Have fun with the restoration. ~Kari

  3. Hello Rina,

    Good luck with the restoration, it is a stunning piece of furniture. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Happy days.