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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pink table setting ...

Pink Coasters, oh so pretty, I am very pleased with all ten of them. Only need to tuck away the threads and it's all done

Now for the centre table runner and napkin rings. Depending on how much yarn it's going to take I might make place mats but would rather have a runner for hot dishes. And then crochet some serviette rings with flowers on like the ones below.
Better not tell Dear Husband what I paid for that yarn. Not even sure I bought enough yarn to finish the project.

I bought 3 white dinner services with only 4 of each in a box. They're just for daily use so not very expensive. What I like about them is the plates are square, for me that is very modern.

Lincraft is not my favorite shop but they do have nice knitting yarn at a reasonable price, today they had 30% off, my lucky day. I tend to stay away from the smaller hobby craft/wool shops, which normally only carry expensive wool. They do however have a huge variety of beautiful quilting material.

I did manage to buy a few balls of 8 ply pink, soft green and lilac yarn for a crochet baby cot blanket for the old antique iron cot, already at the farm. Next time we are up there, I will set the cot up and take a pic of it to share. Need to get sizes for the blanket in any case. No babies expected ATM, maybe oneday I would get a lovely grandbaby again.

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  1. The coasters are beautiful. My daughter loves square plates and is always bugging me to buy some.

  2. So beautiful. I remember growing up with crocheted coasters in most every family member's homes. So beautiful and functional.

    I love them.