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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What am I working on ATM ...

Plenty UFOs here, dig in a basket or plastic tube and your bound to find a few. Some never got finished cause I ran out of a certain colour of wool, some waiting for a few more designs of snowmen to complete the red work/stitchery blocks and some just to find a matching material to finish the quilting. Heaps of material but not the right one. I really do have to spend more time finishing them off.
The granny blanket is on the go ATM, ran out of the blue and can't find any anywhere. Then got some red and white wool to crochet with and with a little luck I might be able to finish this project. This will go on the back of a 3 seater cane lounge on the veranda on the front deck.

Just tucked the last few threads away of a little pink jug cover/doily with rose beads. The bead are there just to weigh the doily down at little. It's pretty maybe a little old fashioned but who cares. It will stop bugs falling into a jug full of ice cold cool drink waiting to be poured.

While waiting for George at the eye clinic on friday, paging threw a magazine I found a picture of some coasters, that were just screaming at me to crochet one up quickly. We sat there for atleast 2 hrs so I always take something to do with me. Lucky I had some of the same pink yarn and a 3.5 gauge hook in the bag and got 1 coaster made before George was finished. Now I will have to make 9 more cause the dinning table has 10 chairs. If I ever wanted to set the table up maybe I will need to do 10 place mats as well on a white table cloth. (Pic is not the best but it should give you an idea what I am up to.)

And then it's onto the dining room chair cushions, only I have temporary lost the use of my sewing machine, while Tanya's machine has gone in for a service.

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