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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome ... so glad to see you,

Welcome to my new blog.
So where do I start? What can I tell you about my daily life, love for craft and decorating and collecting of old wares,that you don't already know. With this blog I hope to bring you into my home, and share with you my treasures. Our journey to living in the shack or better known as Rose Cottage. Originally it was to be just a weekender for friends visiting but then they decided to move 2000klm away. Now we are renovating it to live in ourselves.Plans to build a more permanent home are shelved ATM.

Hopefully Rose Cotage will be liveable in the next 8 months, meaning we could actually have a working bathroom and a complete kitchen by then. In the meantime I am busy getting comfy cushions recovered, decorating as we go along. The garden is also happening at the same time. So I invited you to follow our progress and hope to see you next time


  1. Hey Rina!!! I'm looking forward to reading!

  2. Great little cottage that started as a 'room in a box' for our weekend visits. Very proud of what the 4 of us accomplished in just 4 weekends and that you and George can now carry on with the work and make it into a little home. Wish it was closer and that we could come and spend some weekends there with you guys again. Our friendship grew in the few months we lived in Sydney and I will always count you as my dear dear friend, and so will Dessie :)