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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing class news ... and another scarf

Just finished another scarf in the same yarn for Dear daughter Tanya, a super long scarf. Used 5 balls that included the tassels. The other scarf I posted previously was far to short for her being so tall it look silly, so now I just have to keep an eye out for some stray ball of yarn somewhere to match. or just add some tassels and keep it for myself. This past Thursday I taught my first sewing class for refugee ladies, most of them don't speak English and were not even sure what to do with pins. So although I don't consider myself an expert sewer, more a Jill of all trade girl. our first project will be a straight forward pin cushion. And then a drawstring bag for wool and knitting needles and crochet hook. Very easy projects ... 2 weeks sewing and 1 week baking... they are desperate to learn how to make muffins. Will keep a track of all the sewing projects. 6 girls turned up for the lesson, and the Interpretor, it went rather well considering these ladies had so little sewing knowledge. We smiled a lot and laughed alot through the lesson. Unpicked a few mistakes and tried again, the machines weren't always playing along, but we overcame some of the problems. Explaining the wrong and right side of the fabric did not mean they put the two rightsides facing inwards. Even drawing a straight line with an blue washable pen did not mean they actually sewed on a straight line. Some finished their pin cushions, some so close to finishing them off, But I must have done something right cause they left with smiles on their faces, one even hugging me.The drawstring bags will have to wait for next week. Then we will move onto quilted pot holders, more straight lines to follow, while the 3rd lesson is baking and it's already been decided we will be making Banana Muffins. This should be rather interesting week.

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  1. How great that the class went so well! I enjoy reading about it and look forward to reading about the next classes.