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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lesson no 2 ... Rose Cottage news

. This week we made the draw string bags, and the girls got the feel of the machines, slow and steady we did straight stitching then zigzaged, folded the top over, tucked a little fold and pinned. Stitched two rows leaving a channel to thread some cord through to pull closed. As I mentioned before this is dead easy stuff ATM. They finished their pin cushions off as well and used them through out the lesson The girl would like to make machine quilted pot holders for lesson no 4, a lot more work but one of the nicest projects. More on that later. But did you think that this was going to be a pure sewing lesson ... of course not! I had bought crochet hooks and yarn for each girl and after our bags were done, we still had a little time to learn chain stitch and Treble stitch, every week they can bring their bags with their crochet with and we can do just a little crochet too. Next week it will be baking, so looking forward to that. I had asked through the Interpretor for them to bring some craft that they are working on at home, and they did too, beautiful knitting, I was so impressed. Roxy belongs to some friends of ours Nilo and Des, she made for a great supervisor Rose Cottage News ... we have a kitchen!!! well not installed yet. It is an secondhand kitchen in a good nick, the benchtop is a mottled grey/blue and the cupboards are cream. The cupboards can be sprayed white before we install them. I bought the whole kitchen on Ebay for just $500, choosing to go with the secondhand kitchen for the cottage. If at a later stage we have the money to build a permanent home, then it will be a good idea to spend the money on a new kitchen. By the time we are done building the cottage we might have spent about $10. 000 all up using recycled, secondhand and new materials.Next post I will add pics of the kitchen but we will be picking it up as soon as the rain stops, another wet weekend here in Sydney Thanks for popping in and have a lovely day Rina


  1. It is so great that the classes are going well for everyone. :))) So very nice.

  2. That's a dog similar to mine..our best dog ever.